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Afferent Software is proud to announce the release of its newest product range – Afferent Switch Tools. The Afferent Software Switch Tools range is a set of dedicated apps designed to make the management of many of the operations surrounding e-Payment switches easier, more efficient and seamless.

The first release of the Afferent Switch Tools range includes the following Tools, designed for use with ACI’s Postilion e-payment switch and includes:

  • Switch Tools PostClone
  • Switch Tools PostMigrate, and
  • Switch Tools PostFlow


This brand-new tool allows for the simple exporting, backup and migration / redeployment of an existing Postilion Realtime installed, including:

  • All binary applications (ATMApp, Transaction Manager etc, as well as NIDs and interchanges)
  • The Realtime SQL datasource, including the ability to selectively include only selected tables (to ensure compliance with PCI-DSS regulations) as well as a full datasource clone, in the event of a full installation migration
  • All Windows registry and environmental variable settings.

This tool is designed to require minimal configuration, with intelligent preselected defaults included applicable to most installations, but also fully configurable, to allow for detailed customisation of system exports, and redeployments.

Aside from all minimal effort installation migrations, Afferent Software’s Switch Tools PostClone is also incredibly useful for:

  • Generating period system backups
  • Keeping Prod, Dev and QA environments up to date ensuring exacting replication of the live system during development and test, therefore reducing set up, development bugs and QA test differences due to non-matching systems

Afferent Software Switch Tools PostClone also allows includes a powerful plugin framework, which allows users to include “Addon” tools to their default installations, such as System Diff (to easily compare differences between two systems) and System Health Check tools, useful for checking the status quo of an installation against a set of prespecified and / or custom best practice rules. 


Afferent Software PostMigrate is a powerful but easy-to-use Realtime ATMApp Download Migration tool, which makes the extraction and updating of existing ATMApp Downloads effortless and significantly less tedious.

PostMigrate allows the user to connect to a target Realtime datasource, download a list of Download applications, keybuffers, loadset / language groups etcetera into a SQL Server compliant script file, which can then be edited or modified as required before re-uploading to the Realtime datasource as a new Download.

During the export, new Download and Key Buffer profile names can be added to the export script, allowing new Downloads to be produced based on an existing Download. Also generated as part of an export is a Rollback SQL script, which can easily be used to remove a recently inserted Download.

Using Afferent Softwares Switch Tools PostMigrate also makes migration of existing ATMApp Downloads between Postilion installations considerably easier.  


Afferent Softwares PostFlow utility, like PostClone and PostMigrate is a compact but incredibly useful tool which can be used to generate softcopy, graphical representations of existing ATMApp Download applications.

Processed Downloads are presented in a high resolution, vector-graphics PDF format, including state and screen, response code, screen images (where applicable) and error flow data which can then be used to examine existing Download flows for QA purposes, as well as Download development. The high-quality graphs are also extremely useful when used in conjunction with Marketing functions, to convey proposed Download flows and fine tune customer experience. 

 For more information, and / or demos of any of the current offerings in the Afferent Software Switch Tools product range, drop us a line at switchtools@afferentsoftware.com or visit the Switch Tools product page here.

Happy switching!