About us

Afferent Software is a fintech consultancy and solutions developer focused on payments processing and related financial services.

Afferent Software team posing for a team photograph in their office.

We create a seamless, smart transaction universe, taking the pain out of payments for everyone everywhere.

Our mission is to empower customer success by simplifying payments through innovative solutions that help banks, processors, and merchants streamline performance, simplify compliance, and mitigate risk. We create a seamless, smart transaction universe, taking the pain out of payments for everyone everywhere.
Through our Payavon and Moonshot brands, we provide turnkey and custom tools, expert consulting, and bespoke solution development.

Our story

Founded in the UK in 2005 as a payments consultancy offering expert advice and payments solutions, Afferent Software has evolved into a global payments software solutions company with offices in Europe, South Africa, and North America.


Who we are

Afferent Software team listening to a payments presentation at their head office.

We are a dynamic team that is responsible for the set up, support, management and technical development of a global ATM estate running across 15 countries.

Our expertise in Dynamic Currency Conversion led us to create a cloud-native platform for optimizing revenue from DCC across over 8,000 ATMs and 1,500 retail desks globally.

Our automated ATM testing solution allows our customers to focus on their business rather than spending vast amounts of time in ATM labs.

We thrive on working closely with our customers to make their lives easier.

Modern digital systems aren’t as easy and intuitive as they should be, so we work closely with our clients to develop integrated solutions that solve the many challenges of building, testing, and running payment software systems. Our products team specialises in creating tools that make payments systems simpler, more efficient, and more intelligent; our services team focuses on building long-lasting partnerships with our clients through solutions that directly improve business outcomes.

In 2023, we launched our Payavon brand to specialise in simplifying financial transactions and increasing profitability for companies via SaaS solutions that can be rapidly integrated and deployed.

Laptop showing the Payavon by Afferent Software home page.

We aim to be the obvious choice for all payment testing and monitoring solutions and bespoke payments software for the global market.

What makes Afferent different

Unrivalled specialisation and expertise in digital payments software.

In-house development and engineering teams that keep us agile and capable of finding novel solutions where none currently exist.

An innovation lab that never stops building and improving impactful digital payments solutions.

What we believe

We value our staff and know that success doesn’t happen without them. Afferent is shaped by nine tenets that we live by:

Earn trust and have mutual respect
Passionately invest yourself in customer success
Be ridiculously helpful
Leave things better than when you found them
Take initiative
Take ownership
Take pride in what you do
Work as a team
Be there for Afferent, but don’t leave yourself behind
Afferent Software payments innovation team celebrating together at their head office.


Afferent Software Founder and CTO smiles into camera.

Graeme Tankard

Founder and CTO

I love finding elegant technical solutions to complex problems and working with teams to make them a reality. Seeing our products being used around the world, and the impact it has for our customers, gives me a lot of satisfaction. What I bring to Afferent is a deep understanding of payments ecosystems, an ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems, and a genuine desire to unlock the potential within technical teams.

Dan Gilby


Having spent 35 years innovating within the ATM and Banking and Foreign Currency Industry I am now really pleased to have the opportunity to work with and lead the Afferent team. I look forward to helping enhance and scale the products already within the portfolio and continue to build new world class innovative products for our customers across the globe.
Delighting customers has been a core value for the Afferent team for many years and something the business will continue and strive to do for years to come.
Afferent Software COO smiles into camera.

Amber Kisch

COO and acting CFO

I’ve been in Payments my whole career, starting out as a Software Developer, and worked in many awesome and interesting roles but none so challenging and wide-open to make as my own as what I do here. I like to think that the awesomeness I bring to Afferent is perspective, courage, attention to detail and nuance from all that I’ve seen and done in this interesting market that we operate within.

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