Streamline your financial transactions and increase profitability

Innovative software to simplify the burdens and reduce costs of payments processing

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Since 2005, Afferent Software’s mission has been to simplify payments processing and financial transactions through innovative fintech solutions.

Our Payavon products assist banks, processors, and merchants in boosting their DCC and Forex revenue, simplifying MasterCard (and other scheme) processing and reporting, and streamlining payments operations.

Our Moonshot Innovation Incubator keeps our customers on the cutting edge of the ever-changing payments landscape.

We’re creating a seamless, smart transaction universe that removes the pain out of payments for everyone, everywhere.

What we offer:

Turnkey and custom tools that improve electronic payments systems through:

Simplified reporting and file management
Rate optimisation
End-to-end systems testing
Compliance and risk management
Business intelligence, monitoring,
and configuration
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If we don’t have a solution for your needs, we’ll create one. Our consulting and innovation teams are experienced to fast-track ideas and build proofs of concept. Our services include:

Postilion Consultancy

We configure, troubleshoot and deploy ACI Worldwide‘s Postilion ATM, POS and general payments switches.

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Collectively, we have over 25 years of experience in the payments industry. Whatever it is, we are able to assist with our expert advice and payment software solutions.


We develop POS, ATM, online processing, offline settlement, reporting and other payment plug-ins for various platforms including ACI Worldwide’s Postilion software solution.


We offer a bespoke innovative service to our clients. Our services team is specifically designed to fast-track new ideas and build quick, tangible proofs of concept.

We maintain lasting client relationships.

"Successful roll-out of our international ATM solution"

“Afferent Software has played a key role in the successful roll-out of our multi-country ATM solution. In both consultancy and software solutions we have been extremely impressed and look forward to a long working relationship.”

Global Head of Self-Service ATMs

"Highly recommend their software and services"

“We have been using the Afferent Software simulator tools for the development and testing of our ATM-driving Postilion platform since 2013. The tools have been invaluable in helping us to rapidly develop and test the various ATM models deployed within our ATM estate, both in terms of regression testing when updates are applied to our Postilion servers, as well as for testing new functionality we develop on the Postilion platform. The tools are intuitive to use and Afferent Software have been very supportive of enhancements to the software to accommodate our business requirements.”

Head of ATM Development

"It is brilliant how powerful RapidTestSuite is!"

“Our team was testing transactions on the NCR device using RapidTestSuite when a screen error was identified. Upon investigation of the screen setup, it became evident that there was a problem with the NCR screen settings. This experience showcases the brilliance and power of RapidTestSuite.”

ATM IT Operations Manager, Cash Devices, Client Experience Delivery Management team
Tier 1 South African Bank

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