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New release! RapidFire ATM XFS v2.8

The RapidFire Team have been working tirelessly on our state-of-the-art multivendor ATM testing software, and as a result, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of RapidFire ATM XFS v2.8!

Hot on the heels of the previous release, v2.8 brings another huge chunk of core functionality to XFS, which will now support NCR’s NDC Activate and Renovite Technologies fantastic Reno-ATM software stacks out-of-the-box. 

 RapidFire ATM XFS now supports an even greater variety of multivendor ATM software, as well as broad subset of models from each of the major hardware manufacturers. 

For more information on RapidFire ATM XFS, contact your nearest RapidFire reseller or email us directly at rapidfire@afferentsoftware.com or check out our RapidFire products page here to find out more about how RapidFire can revolutionize your ATM testing experience.