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RapidFire ATM XFS

RapidFire ATM XFS is Afferent Software's top of the line automated ATM software testing application.

Operating on the CEN eXtensions for Financial Software (XFS) multi-vendor middleware software layer, RapidFire ATM XFS replaces conventional ATM hardware device modules with software-based simulated modules, allowing full control over the ATM software itself, including simulated user interactions and device operations (standard operational as well as fault / failure operations), which in turn allows full automation of target ATM functional and regression testing.

RapidFire ATM XFS conforms to:

  • CEN XFS 3.02,
  • CEN XFS 3.10 and
  • CEN XFS 3.20 specifications

with XFS 3.30 support for selected devices.

This includes extensive support for all major manufacturers, including Diebold-Nixdorf (Wincor), Diebold Agilis and NCR devices.


Supported devices / XFS interfaces

  • Cash Dispenser Module (CDM) (Standalone cash dispenser or as part of compound Cash Recycler device)
  • Identification Card Device (IDC) (Contact & Contactless Card readers)
  • Printer and Scanning Device (PTR) (Receipt, journal and document / statement printer devices)
  • PIN Keypad Device (PIN) (Encrypting PIN pad device)
  • Sensor and Indicators Unit (SIU) (Special electronics and fraud sensor devices)
  • Cash-In Module Device (CIM) (Standalone cashin module or as part of compound Cash Recycler device)
  • Barcode Reader Device (BCR) (Barcode scanner device)
  • Item Processing Module (IPM) (Standalone Cheque / Media-in module or as part of compound Cash / Cheque Deposit module)
  • Text Terminal Unit (TTU) (legacy Supervisor mode module)
  • Item Depository Device (DEP) (Item / envelope depository device)


  • Full primary / secondary (supervisor) touch screen support
  • Walletized virtual card management
  • Fully automated test case record and playback functionality incl. pixel level screen comparison data
  • Built-in test case editor including batch test case screen update functionality
  • Full EMV 4.3 support incl. Visa VSDC & Mastercard M/Chip support
  • One-click EMV Chip cloning
  • Realtime or accelerated playback support
  • Atlassian JIRA (including automatic issue resolution) and email issue logger integration
  • Scheduled (unattended) test configuration

Premium ATM XFS testing software

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