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Dynamic Rates Engine (DRE) – optimising your foreign currency revenue

DRE is live and increasing revenue on over 8,500 ATMs

Afferent’s industry-leading Dynamic Rates Engine (DRE), launched in 2019, is now powering currency exchange rates on over 8,500 ATMs in 13 countries and helping customers inrease annual revenue by several percentage points. 

What does DRE do?

DRE is a cloud-based, high-availability rates provider engine that is increasing its user’s currency exchange upsides by anywhere between 2% – 8%, without any changes apart from switching their rates source to the DRE rates platform.

Why should I get rates from DRE?

What makes DRE different from existing rates providers, you may ask? Well, for a start, most rates providers ingest exchange rate data once per day, or even less frequently in some cases. In contrast, DRE sources multiple interest rates per day for each currency pair from a variety of sources[1] with a frequency of up to 15 minutes. This means, over a standard 24-hr cycle, compared to the average rates provider, DRE will ingest up to 96 new sets of rates information, not only offering customers increased revenue opportunities but also reducing exposure to negative rates fluctuation events. 

In addition to DRE’s more frequent and wider rates exposure, perhaps DRE’s most significant advantage is its powerful rate selection optimization engine, where depending on the configuration options it will select the optimal rate within a configurable rolling window or within a specific 24-hour period, among other parameters.

DRE can be quickly and easily integrated with a wide variety of client platforms, including electronic payment switches, kiosk, point-of-sale devices, ATM and Self-Service Terminals (SSTs) as well as mobile, eCommerce and settlement platforms.

This is because in addition to its assortment of rates providers and configuration options, DRE offers customers several flexible rate distribution options, including:

  • RESTful API
  • SFTP push, and
  • SFTP pull

While the RESTful API operates using standard HTTP Rest technology, SFTP push can be used to push rates to a target SFTP location on an agreed schedule.

Similarly, in SFTP pull mode, preformatted rates files can be downloaded from the DRE SFTP platform on an agreed schedule and made available for collection using SFTP client credentials made available by the DRE team.

Configuration can also be easily and quickly managed through DRE’s world-class client management web portal.

OK How can I find out more?

Getting started with DRE is easy. Afferent’s DRE customers typically send historic transaction data, which Afferent helps pre-scrub, and use this to show them exactly how much additional revenue they would have made on DRE.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get on board with Afferent Software’s unique DRE platform and let DRE’s powerful ingestion, optimization and distribution technologies supercharge your existing currency exchange business. Join our existing customer base driving over 8,500 ATMs in 13 different countries in 150+ currencies using DRE to maximize returns from their currency exchange platforms.

If you have any questions, or would like to request any further information, get in touch with one of the Afferent Software DRE team at info@afferentsoftware.com today, and let DRE start working for you.

 [1] Including default providers Mastercard and Refinitiv (formerly Reuters)