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Believed to be a world first, a cardless click & collect currency self-service supported by Afferent Software’s Staging Platform enables customers to pre-order currency online to collect from Heathrow Terminal 5 ATMs


Afferent Software worked closely with Travelex in the development of what is believed to be the foreign exchange industry’s first ever Foreign Currency ATM click & collect service.

The click & collect service makes use of Afferent Software’s highly available, robust and secure Transaction Staging Platform along with Middleware, the innovative cloud-based interfacing platform

Orders placed online with Travelex are prepared by Afferent’s Staging Platform for cardless ATM collection via their industry leading FX ATM processing platform. During the development of this service, Afferent’s state-of-the-art multivendor ATM testing software – RapidFire XFS – was used to simulate and anticipate real-life user scenarios at the ATM ahead of rollout, contributing to the resounding success of service implementation.

The Travelex ATM click & collect service, initially launched at London Heathrow Terminal 5, enables customers to pre-order foreign cash online before collecting it contact free from a selected ATM location. Currently, customers can withdraw up to US$800 or €800 via ATM click & collect, with further currencies and more ATMs at Heathrow and Brisbane in the immediate pipeline. There are no collection fees and orders can be collected from the ATMs at any time of day.


Graeme Tankard, Chief Technical Officer, Afferent Software said:

“By integrating with our cloud-native Staging Platform and leveraging Afferent Software’s deep ATM experience, Travelex have been able to launch the world’s first cardless self-service currency click & collect solution at airport locations in the UK.

The Staging Platform provides a secure and scalable mechanism to store digital orders, and authenticate user details on collection, including the sending of one-time PINs by SMS. A rich set of APIs allow for easy and secure integration to any platform for both storing and collecting staged orders, as well as real-time notifications of any status change to an order. 

It’s been an exhilarating experience working with teams in multiple time zones to deliver a solution of this scale in the timeframes set, and it’s been good to see customers reacting positively to the click & collect experience.”

Ritesh Rama, Head of Cloud, Afferent Software, said:

“Great to have been part of the click & collect product build and launch with our customer, Travelex. Staging Platform is a secure and highly performant platform that enhances Travelex’s customers’ experience in ordering foreign currency online and collecting them at any location. Coupled with our low latency Middleware platform that gives the ability to Travelex’s ATM switch to interface with external platforms and services, Travelex customers can now conveniently collect their click & collect orders at selected Travelex’s ATMs across the UK..”

Dan Gilby, Strategy & Products Director, Travelex, said:

 “At Travelex, our mission is to simplify our customers’ access to international money, however and whenever. That mission continues with us delivering the world’s first foreign currency ATM click & collect service, which will enable our customers to not only access their currency in a new, fast and convenient way, but to do so at the best rates possible too.

“Customer trends continue to shift, and as they do so, we are pleased to be able to provide foreign currency cash solutions in new innovative ways, alongside our portfolio of digital products, including pre-paid currency cards. We were delighted to work closely with Afferent on this project, whose software has contributed to its success.”