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SuperFIT and SuperConfig

SuperFIT and SuperConfig are the latest offerings in Afferent Software’s line up of innovative products.

SuperFIT and SuperConfig add a layer of intelligent scripting to existing state and screen-based technologies, allowing multiple, old, complex, and static downloads to be transformed into a single state-of-the-art dynamic download, personalized for each ATM (or group of ATMs) and cardholder.

Rather than developing – and more importantly – maintaining multiple downloads for a single ATM estate, SuperConfig and SuperFIT allow ATM owners and operators to manage a single, intelligent download, fine-tuned on the fly for each ATM.

Using a proprietary Domain Specific scripting Language (DSL), SuperConfig/SuperFIT allow ATM maintainers to ‘program’ intelligent decision-making into their download applications.

Key Features

  • Dynamically control the transaction experience without the need for Financial Information Tables (FITs), including support for Dynamic Fast Cash screens tailored to individual cardholders or card types  
  • Reduce management and test effort by converting multiple large existing sets of downloads to a single, intelligent download, tailored for each ATM device
  • Cost-effectively modernize your older ATMs by dynamically controlling screen graphics, overlays, and customer messages according to Terminal ID, cardholder BIN and ATM currency information
  • Reduce ATM download cost and time by reducing download sizes and graphics loads by up to 10 times. This is done using Smart Overlay technology to reduce the size (and costs) associated with large, multi-language, and multi-scheme screen packs
  • Introduce change more quickly at the host including currencies, amounts, and custom Fast Cash offers, with minimal effort
  • Implement these features on your estate with zero down-time by developing and running SuperConfig/SuperFIT dynamic downloads alongside your existing legacy downloads, switching over your estate when the time is right for you

Using smart integration technology, SuperConfig/SuperFIT can be added to any existing NDC+ / Realtime Postilion-based ATM estate, with minimal changes to your existing system.

Despite the already impressive variety of features bundled into SuperConfig/SuperFIT, new extensions and features are being added with every release, bringing state-of-the-art functionality to your existing ATM systems.

Get in touch with one of the Team to learn more about how SuperConfig/SuperFIT can help you at hello@afferentsoftware.com.