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New release! RapidFire ATM XFS v2.6

The Payments Tools team is proud to announce the latest release of RapidFire ATM XFS – v2.6.

In this release, the team delivered out-of-the-box support for an extended range of NCR ATM models, including the well-known 6634 & 6684 models, as well as a number of new device types, including:

  • Large format statement printing,
  • Single cheque scanning device,
  • and Bulk Note Acceptor (BNA) & Global Bill Recycling Unit (GBRU) recycling devices

In addition, this release added native support for multiple physical cassettes per logical cassette, as well as extended cassette support.

Finally several improvements to the graphical user interface enhancing general usability and enhancements to the Atlassian JIRA™ issue logging and automated task resolution framework were made while full scale and pop-out print media (receipt and statement printer) support was added. 

With release v2.6, RapidFire ATM XFS adds to its already well-supported and continually-growing list of device, ATM and ATM software application types. 

For more information on RapidFire ATM XFS, contact your nearest RapidFire reseller or email us directly at rapidfire@afferentsoftware.com or check out our RapidFire products page here to find out more about how RapidFire can revolutionize your ATM testing experience.