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Switch Tools PostMigrate

PostFlow is a standalone, download application inspection tool specifically designed for use with Postilion ATMApp™ Download Applications. 

Capable of multiple authentication types, PostFlow seamlessly extracts download state and screen data from the Realtime datasource and constructs beautifully formatted, high resolution flow graphs for the selected Download Application / Loadset / Language Group and selected Language. 

The visual nature of PostFlow's output is useful for developers, administrators, quality assurance and marketing staff alike. Uses include checking download flows during development and QA operations, discovering orphaned or (potentially dangerous) residual flows, archiving existant as well as sharing new flows with administrators and marketers. 

    One-click script generation

    Generates migration and rollback scripts with a single click of a button, allowing extraction, modification and re-insertion of updated downloads

    Convert between ATMApp™ formats

    Convert between existing ATMApp™ formats during download extraction, including from v3.x to v5.x and vice versa

    Update and rename

    Modify your download name and rename your keybuffer

    Highlights and Features

    • Secure datasource authentication
      • Windows™ authentication
      • Standard username / password authentication via TCP
    • Supports Postilion ATMApp v3.x and v5.x
    • Convert between ATMApp versions v3.x -> v5.x and vice versa
    • Rename download and key buffer
    • One-click generation of migration and rollback scripts (SQL)

    Useful for

    • Extracting and extending / updating existing downloads
    • Sharing downloads between developers, technicians and environments
    • Snapshotting existing downloads for rollback 

    "Switch Tools PostMigrate makes migration of existing Postilion ATMApp download applications signficantly easier, less error-prone and more efficient"

    For more information, details / specifications or demo’s, please contact your preferred Switch Tools reseller or Afferent Software directly at switchtools@afferentsoftware.com.