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RapidFire MaxTran

RapidFire MaxTran is Afferent Software’s ATM network performance testing tool. Based on the same tried and tested RapidFire ATM Sim transaction core, RapidFire MaxTran allows for the high performance, high efficiency testing of ATM driving and transaction switching systems. 

Equipped with certificate-based server-only as well as client-server (mutual) SSL / TLS terminal connection capabilities, test cases can be configured to run for a pre-set number of iterations or loop infinitely – to test system stability under long term and sustained load configurations. Innovative test configurations, including consecutive, round-robin (all or concurrent) as well as bottomless cash management options means multiple different test scenarios can be simulated while emulated ATMs can be configured to never run out of cash. 

Real time system performance is monitorable using the extensive metrics graphs available on the metrics tabs, and include:

  • Instantaneous and Average Transaction Times (ms) 
  • Average overall system transactions per second (TPS) (desired vs actual)
  • Transactions per terminal
  • Transactions per test case (successful and failed)


Comprehensive testing

RapidFire MaxTran is the perfect tool for comprehensive, high performance ATM driving application and network testing tool. Perfect for long term or project licensing

Real time metrics

Perform pre-set transaction loads using multiple terminals and test modes, monitor real time system metrics or document performance for historical benchmarking.

Post Test Reporting

Detailed post test reporting via high quality Portable Document Format (PDF) reports, including all relevant test parameters and results 

Highlights and Features

  • Post-test reporting via beautifully formatted PDF test reports including:
    • Full test parameters
    • Test results
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG) copies of all test metric graphs for external reporting
  • Raw test data export useful for further analysis and data reduction
  • Certificate-based SSL / TLS (v1.2 and above) server and client authentication
  • Bottomless cassette management for long running tests
  • Configurable Interactive Transaction Request (ITR) mid-transaction input
  • Interactive test case generation including one-click import / export

Capable of producing sustained transaction loads in excess of 2000 TPS, RapidFire MaxTran is a must have for all operators who wish to test and document their existing or upgraded systems. 

For more information, details / specifications or demo’s, please contact your nearest Rapidfire reseller or Afferent Software directly at rapidfire@afferentsoftware.com.