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Horizon Lite – Intelligent Database Configuration Tool

Horizon Lite is Afferent Software’s intelligent, customizable database configuration tool. 

Designed with a elegant, yet powerful and secure graphical user interface, Horizon Lite provides a modern alternative to existing out-dated and OEM system configuration tools.

Powered by customizable configuration scripts, Horizon Lite can be expertly tailored to existing environments.

Finally, Horizon Lite’s secure management approval layers ensure that changes are reviewed and approved before being committed.



  • Secure, sophisticated role-based change approval layer
  • Database schema independent
  • Intelligent script-based customization
  • Seamless Windows Authentication integration


  • Simple easy-to-use user interface
  • Optional cascading dependency checking
  • User configurable roles and permissions
  • Easy integration with Postilion Realtime
  • One-touch entity cloning
  • Tag management for entity grouping and bulk configuration / updates
  • Remote switch command execution (terminal resync, send download)
  • Intelligent entity search and filtering functionality
  • Tag management for entity grouping and group operations
  • Powerful pending changes review interface

Possible applications

The use of customizable JSON-based configuration scripts allows for Horizon Lite to be used in a myriad of application spaces, including: 

  • ATM estate configuration and management
  • Retail terminal estate configuration and management
  • Merchant onboarding …

as well as any other application which requires access-controlled and reviewed database change management. 

Horizon Lite

A modern, secure, approval-based database configuration tool ideal for management of payment system datasources 

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